It just couldn’t get any sadder. You know, I used to really ship this pair and probably you did too. But it has all crumbled down to the ground now as Liam has filed for divorce.

The two have been living separately for quite a while. But there was no hint at all that this is going to be the ultimate goodbye. It was also circulated that Miley was not rushing for divorce at all. If anything, the reports were kind of hopeful, stating something on the lines that the two have their differences and taking a break was to help sort out the differences. There was news in People that:

They are having a break right now because they needed it. It was a bad situation with a lot of disagreements. They both agreed it’s better to spend time apart, but this doesn’t mean their relationship is completely over…There is absolutely hope that they will get back together again.

Today is Sadurday, isn’t it?

As per the TMZ report, Liam has decided to end his 8-month-long marriage with Cyrus over “irreconcilable differences” – the reason he has stated during filing the legal documentation in Los Angeles. The couple doesn’t have kids together and they had a prenuptial agreement in place. So it’s clear that the divorce would go on without any hassles and pretty fast.

The couple met during the filming of The Last Song and this is also where they fell in love.

I know I’m making it worse by thinking of old times, but God knows, that was some pair.

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