Kiss is not just a Kiss: Some Interesting Facts about kissing

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Entertainment | 2 comments

Kiss is an adrenaline rush in the body when someone absolutely overwhelms us. It is a sign of social behavior, a common expression or a sign of excitement too.

But Kiss is not just a Kiss, it’s more than that!

Here are some interesting facts you should know. Maybe, while reading you get tempted too!

 1. A quick pucker kiss uses only two muscles in the face while a French kiss involves all 34 muscles.

 2. Do you How French Kiss came? Well, during World War I, British soldiers noticed how passionately the French people kissed and that was the time when they termed it as ‘French Kiss’.

 3. To let you know, we humans are not the only one who kisses. Cows, squirrels, and even snails do so.

4. Chimpanzee is the only animal whose kisses resemble our kiss.

5. Kissing someone makes your heart pumps more due to which more oxygen reaches your brain.

6. Kissing causes your pupil to dilate more.

7. According to a study, men live 5 years longer if they kiss their wife before leaving for work. So Dear Men, Don’t Forget to kiss your Beautiful wives, it’s going to benefit you only!

8. Only 90 percent of the world kisses on lips while 10 percent of the remaining people (Eskimos, Polynesians, and Malaysians) just bump their noses instead of lips.

9. When you kiss someone, you are on a merry land. This makes your blood vessels expand widely hence reduces your blood pressure.

10. For better teeth, kiss more! Locking of lips and rolling of tongues helps in preventing tooth decay.

11. Kiss! Kiss! And Kiss! How will you react if I say that you can make your career out of it? Yes, you can. The study of kissing is known as Philematology and someone who studies kissing is Osculogist.

 12. World’s Longest Kiss lasted for 58 Hours, 35 Minutes and 58 Seconds. The record was made by Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranrat from Thailand, The event was then organized by Ripley’s Believe It or Not on February 12-14, 2013. Isn’t that a great Valentine folks!


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