Directed by: Shilpi Dasgupta
Produced by: Bhushan Kumar, Mahaveer Jain, Mrighdeep Singh Lamba, Divya Khosla Kumar, Krishan Kumar
Written by: Gautam Mehra
Starring: Sonakshi Sinha, Varun Sharma, Annu Kapoor, Badshah
Cinematography: Rishi Punjabi
Edited by: Dev Rao Jadhav
Production Company: Sundial Productions, T-Series
Running time: 2 hours 16 minutes


Babita (Baby) Bedi is a Ms. goody two shoes who is currently living in a fear of her house being sacked if dues are not paid. Meanwhile, her uncle expires who leaves her inheritance of his sex clinic in a small town of Punjab. To pay the debt, the best she can do is to sell it. But here’s the twist, she can’t do that until 6 months of actually running the taboo shop. So, here it begins, the medical sales representative moved to a one of the most conservative neighbourhoods in India and drama begins. Needless to say, she’s up for some serious backlash.


The movie was sold as something which will tackle taboo issues with humour. However, in reality, the movie is more of an emotional whirlwind than it is a comic venture. The punches sometimes do not have the impact the producers wanted to have. Moreover, they are spread too far apart across the length of the film. And about the length, the scenes sometimes feel so stretched, you feel like you’re sitting through a very long film. Performance-wise, it’s a good show from Sonakshi. Rapper Badshah also stars in the film who is playing his real-life self. He supports the movie nicely. Performance from Annu Kapoor is commendable as well.

Our Verdict:

Do go watch it if you have nothing better to do on a weekend. However, in case you missed it, you won’t be dealing with much of FOMO.

Rating: 3/5

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