Do you know how it feels if your song gets covered by a music legend? Well, you probably don’t, at least not in the exact amount as Taylor Swift did when her Lover song was sung by none other than Keith Urban himself. Both have been long-term friends and Keith has quite fallen in love with Taylor’s Lover from day 1. If tweets could emote, this would be all heart-shaped eyes!

So here’s Keith again, expressing his love all openly for the title track of the album which is at no. 1 at Billboard ATM.

And of course, Taylor, who is sworn to be over-dramatic and true to her ‘lover’, had an equally adorable over-dramatic response.

This album is pretty close to Taylor’s heart because this is the one she completely own in all rights. Seems like it’s a fans’ fave too, more than for any of her previous albums. BTW What do you think about it? Do you stan it, love it, hate it, or is it just indifference?

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