Guess who’s being the adorable boyfriend again? Of course, it’s the most gorgeous hunk of Bollywood – Kartik Aryan, giving us Mills and Boons kind of magic IRL. The lovestruck dude, apparently, can’t stay away from his lady love for long. So he thought why wait for lunch to meet her when he can pick her up right after her gym sesh? How adorable!

Kartik came all dapper in his black track pants and white full-sleeves tee (just short of a white horse) to meet Sara, while she looked all bubbly in a cute printed playsuit. They match each other’s good fashion sense too? How cute!

BTW this is not the first time Kartik has dropped on like this to meet Sara. These two lovebirds are famous for following each other around the globe.
Just this month only, Kartik flew all the way to Bangkok just to celebrate Sara’s birthday. And Sara too keeps returning the gesture here and there, whether it’s to pay him a visit at his Lucknow shoot or receive him at the airport. This couple just knows how to keep the romance alive.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to wait much longer to see this lit couple together on the screen. The duo is soon going to wow you in Aaj Kal, where you finally see this amazing real-life chemistry in all its glory. Can you wait for it? We certainly can’t.

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