Wouldn’t that be nice if somehow we get a person who stops us from eating all those carb-filled diets every time we’re on the verge of getting astray from our diet regime? And that’s not all, maybe they’d go an extra mile and hide all those burgers, sweets, and other calories-dripping stuff as well?

We’d be damn lucky. But seems like Sara has beaten all of us to that and has already gotten someone like that who is willing to take care of all that cheesy-greasy business. And that someone is none other than her super flamboyant boyfriend Kartik Aaryan. Yes, the guy has taken full responsibility that her girlfriend doesn’t get fat at all! Awww.

A source has revealed that:

Whenever someone got sweets on the sets, it would be kept hidden from Sara, as instructed by Kartik. Sara’s sweet saga had become a joke of sorts on the set. While shooting for Imtiaz Ali’s film, Sara and Kartik would explore local eateries. Sara being the ultimate sweet lover, would gorge on her favourite sweet dishes. However, it was Kartik who would keep a check on her binge. Kartik tries to keep her away from sweets as much as possible.

And no, Kartik is not being the bad guy here. Sara is actually on a weight loss journey and Kartik coms to rescue only when Sara feels like it’s time for ‘cheat moments’. He’s not a control freak. He’s just making sure her actress love lady doesn’t get that unwanted double chin. Such a sweetheart.

If only we could get somebody like that!

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