What picture comes to mind when you think of Kareena Kapoor? Glamorous star, style icon, or the dazzling Bollywood actress? These are all true and these images have been attached with her for long. But according to her latest revelation, she definitely wants to explore and experiment! Well, as per Kareena, she would really like you to see her in some roles which are not all sunshine and rainbows.

Kareena Kapoor has stated that:

I would love to play a grey character, if it’s a great role. I would definitely want to go for it.

Kareena last played a negative role in Fida where she plotted against her own lover. And we can’t deny, we did like her in dark shades! Let’s admit it, she has the face for it, the attitude that will just go right with it, and oh those smug expressions she can pull off, it’s just magic waiting to happen.

Anyway, while Kareena finds such suitable script her way, she will be lit the screen with Good News (a Christmas release this year) and English Medium.

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