It’s no news that Kangana and journos don’t always share a happy-go-lucky vibe. In fact, the two almost always are at tiff with each other. Prior to her release of Judgementall Hai Kya, she got into a heated argument with a press guy that instigated the whole media world to take a step as drastic as boycotting Kangana forever. However, nothing of sorts actually happened and both her film and she did good.

But it’s not like Kangana has forgotten about it. In fact, the Dhaakad girl has taken some serious pointers over her last episode with the press and is now seriously reflecting on how things can go topsy turvy in a short while. Talking about press she said:

It is very difficult. To be in media’s scrutiny…and with one slip of the tongue, it is like playing with fire. Either you do it properly, or otherwise, you can do more damage than benefit.

There it is, Kangana!

And that’s not all. She is also giving the media some credit and is grateful for its existence! She expressed:

My presence in this is because of people. I am today because the media made me a star. I feel obliged in some way to give back.

Hmmm… So seems like we won’t be seeing any major trouble break out between the Manikarnika actress and the press any time soon! Hopefully, fingers crossed!

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