Juice, tea, and drama (lots of it), that’s what I’m expecting from Kangana’s biography.  And considering the fact she wears her heart on her sleeves, there’s going to be all truths spilled out. Yumm… On the top of my list is nepotism in Bollywood (duh!), maybe behind-the-scenes Bollywood’ nasty business, and her personal beefs with other actors. God! I’m already drooling thinking about this tea. But the Manikarnika actress won’t be penning down all these details of her life. Someone else would! Can you guess it?

It’s her manager cum sister only – Rangoli Chandel! But why is she not doing it herself? Well, Kangana does have an answer for that. She said:

Rangoli has some interesting observations about my transformation. If I tell my story, I might be too harsh on myself and may not glorify my achievements, and that is unfair to the struggles. So, it will be better if Rangoli says it truthfully and objectively. I won’t be able to do justice to it. She has a great story to tell herself as an acid attack survivor. The way we found strength in each other and grew up together makes for a beautiful story.

Well, all I know is I’m here for it! Can’t wait, really.

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