We all know what scorned lovers Kangana and Hrithik are. Once a fairytale looking couple soon turned bitter foes to the point that Hrithik even brought lawyers and courts into the matter. If you remember, Kangana once shaded Hirithk as a ‘silly ex’ and then Hrithik filed a lawsuit against the Manikarnika actress for alleged defamation. And time and again, the two lovers-turned-enemies have a go at each other and grab headlines.

The opportunity rose once again recently when Kangana was asked what would she do if one day she woke up as Hrithik. Kangana hesitated a bit at first, but then she had the perfect response. She said:

So whatever has happened between us, whatever karma that we have exchanged, I will call Kangana and I will tell her that I am sorry for what I did.

Well, there’s some interesting backstory that we probably will never know, until and unless she pulls a Demi Moore and releases her own memoir!

We all know that Hrithik’s slate is far from being clean. First, it was rumoured that he was seeing his Kites’ co-star Barbara Mori while being married. And later there were rumours that he was dating his Krrish 3 co-star Kangana Ranaut! None of these relationships ended well as we can see the Roshan scion is divorced, childless, and is completely single as of now at 45 years of age!

Talking more about Kangana, there was another similar hypothetical question that was asked to her, but this time she had to be in Salman’s shoes in place of Hrithik. The Dhaakad actress had a quick, witty response. She said:

Main mediwalon ke kaan kheechungi (Will pull media-people’s ears), because they are okay if Salman does it…and if I say it then it’s not okay…(laughs).

Well, one thing is for sure, this girl is smart and she is most definitely fearless! And we can’t love her enough for that.

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