Ironically this is the fifth time am writing about team India’s batsman number-4. The entire tournament of the cricket world cup and the tour of West Indies saw the Indian batting line -up struggle when it comes to the batsman number-4.

Recently, when Sanju Samson was overlooked by the selectors, Yuvraj Singh took a jape at the selection committee saying that India doesn’t need a batsman at number-4, they can just depend on the top order. Which is right also. The top order has faced a lot of pressure because there is practically no one to maintain balance in the middle order.

Rishabh Pant has been given a lot of opportunities at that position but has not been able to set any mark for himself. Vijay Shankar was taken in instead of Ambati Rayudu which also proved to be a disappointing move and now the experimentation with Pant is also proving itself to be futile.

On the other hand, talented players like Shreyas Iyer, Ambati Rayudu and Sanju Samson have been ignored despite the fact that they have proved themselves to be worthy of the position. India will be calling for trouble if they don’t soon resolve this issue as the T-20 world cup is approaching and this won’t be going unnoticed by the other teams.

This also puts unnecessary pressure on the top order which again is not good for the top order players. Also check out:

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