It seems like trouble follows wherever Kangana Ranaut goes these days! If the drama with Hrithik was not enough, the curly-haired beauty has now gotten herself into a new sort of mess altogether. If you are not living under the rock, you must have heard about the heated argument she got into with a journo Justin Rao (who accuses her of ‘intimidating him’). The viral incident took place just this Sunday at a film event. Kangana was promoting her latest Judgmentall Hai Kya? movie when the conversation turned to a heated argument and then to a nasty viral incident.

What Happened Really?

Apparently, Kangana found Mr. Rao was badmouthing her critically appraised Manikarnika. The actress has been pretty sentimental about this movie. Earlier too, she ruffled feathers of industry (read Alia Bhatt and half of the Bollywood ) for her not attending its screening! Anyway, after a few rounds of media questioning at Sunday, Kangana didn’t feel all is well and accused Rao of ridiculing the film. Needless to say, things went down from there. And now, Kangana Ranaut is facing a whole army of journalists against her.

A delegation from the Entertainment Journalists’ Guild of India has declared that they are going to shun Ranaut from their paps’ cameras. Uh oh. They released a formal statement: “We, as a guild, have collectively decided to boycott Ms. Ranaut and not give her any media coverage”. This could not have come at any worse time when her big movie release Judgmentall Hai Kya? is on the way. The film has already had a fair share of dealing with rough waters already. Firstly, its previous name Mental Hai Kya came under scanner for having ‘Mental’ in it and thus later changed. Secondly, the recent Hrithik’s move of rescheduling his Super 30 to avoid a clash with Kangana’s film geared more attention towards their ‘romance gone bad’ case than the films themselves. The drama just doesn’t end with this duo/trio! Sighs, quite hard times going on for Gangster girl, right?

So Will She Apologise?

Nuh-uh, niente, not at all, as clarified very well by her sister-cum-manager Rangoli. In her full typical hold-nothing-back style, she tweeted her response :

Geez, it already feels like a storm is coming. Seeing all the tension, however, the film’s producer Ekta Kapoor has offered to apologise in her place. But seems like the delegation of journalists is in no mood to compromise. The board is pretty firm on its decision to boycott Kangana Ranaut until she says sorry. However, the delegation has assured that the film won’t suffer due to all this tailspin, or even the rest of the film stars, which include Rajkummar Rao. Are you sure paps?

What Do People Think?

Well, Twitter stands with Kangana actually. The support she is getting from her fans is commendable and overwhelming, to say the least. Check out some tweets here:

Oh Em Gee! And this is just a few of them voicing their concern and support. Right now Twitter is flooded, inundated, and overpowered with love for Kangana. We are feeling the buzz too and gravitating towards her as well. We all know how painful journos can get, don’t we?

BTW what do you think? Should she apologise or stick to her decision? ^.^

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