ICC test championship will be a very exciting proceeding to witness and the world fights for the position of the number one test team. With The ashes going on, the world is getting to watch some real quality cricket with Australia vs England. On the other hand India just had a very successful tour of West Indies where we saw Jasprit Bumrah emerge as a test bowler and Hanuma Vihari establish himself.

This the current point table as per ICC. India is at the top with 120 points while New Zealand at the 2nd position with 60 points. We saw a lot of exciting things in past few days with Ben Stokes saving the day to Ishant Sharma surpassed Kapil Dev’s record of taking 155 wickets outside Asia. Now he has 156 wickets taken outside Asia. The number one position is held by Anil Kumble with 200 wickets.

We also saw Virat Kohli and Steve Smith standing neck to neck at the ICC top-10 batsmen in tests. They stand apart at a difference of 1 point and Smith just took the number-1 postion from Kohli.

It surely will be an action packed championship to watch. God bless cricket.

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