Get over Avengers, because a load of mind-blowing Hollywood movies is around the corner to amaze you to the bones. This year is half gone, but you still have the best gems left to relish on 3D screens with your big bucket of popcorn. Here’s the schedule of awesomeness:

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – 15 August 2019

What happens when they bring two Hollywood hotties – Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio –  together? Fireworks, of course. This Tarantino movie is about 2 guys – one actor and one stunt double – trying to make it big in Hollywood. (Can you guess who would play which character?? No peeping in the trailer) And the interesting part is that the movie is set in the time when Manson Family murders are also happening! Can you imagine the madness that will ensue?

It: Chapter 2 – 6 September 2019

What happens when your worst nightmare comes back to haunt you after 27 years? Well, nobody knows. We have to watch the movie for that. All we know so far is that the sequel would again be haunting the same group of ‘losers’ it did in part 1. And, that is enough for us to pre-book the tickets, isn’t it?

Joker – 3 October 2019

Here’s a theory – Batman needs Joker but not vice versa. And that is exactly what producers thought when they were making this film. Joker is all bad, huh? Well, he wasn’t so at one point of time. He would dance with his mama, make others genuinely laugh, and never ever ask that wicked question ‘why so serious?’ But that changed one day. The movie is set into a time when Batman is a kid and Joker is going through an intense emotional turmoil that would ultimately turn him into the monster that we know. This one is all ‘Joker: origins’.

Terminator: Dark Fate – 31 October 2019

Have you ever wondered what happened to that little kiddo John Connor who starred in very early Terminator series – Terminator 2: Judgement Day?

Edward Furlong

Well, the pretty boy kinda stayed off the silver screen for a long time but now he’s all set to return to this Terminator movie. And guess what, his mother Sarah Connor too is making a comeback in the series after all these years. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be as usual reprising his old role of the Terminator. I can hear the fierce rattling of the metal already!

Jumanji 3 – 13 December 2019

Well, who wouldn’t like to suck into their fave video game just with a guarantee that they wouldn’t die? But guess what, the people in Jumanji have no such assurance and that’s exactly what makes it more interesting! While they fight off tigers on loose, array of hissing snakes on the ground, or just humans of the game with big guns, the danger is just another level in eccentric series Jumanji. And we’re suckers for all of this!

We’re thrilled beyond words, and you?

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