While we have a boatload of stories about couples who go bitter and nasty towards each other after the breakup or divorce, there are still some people who deal with it beautifully. Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan are among those people.

The couple got divorced back in 2014 and but we have never ever heard any family drama coming from their side. (Actually, it mostly comes from Kangana-Hrithik combination. *Chuckles*) In fact, the two are often sported at family lunches & dinners together and are even papped when they go out with their kids together.

Will They Be Getting Back Together?

The Hrithik and Sussane’s bond (though platonic) is pretty
solid. Whether it is Sussane defending Hrithik from false accusations or him standing
up for his ex-wife, we can tell they have each other’s back and their
friendship is a real deal.

So we can’t help but wonder would they ever be getting back together? Earlier this year, there were some speculations too if the duo was reconciling but these were buried with time as no move was made by either of them. Since it’s such a calm and breezy relationship between them, we still can’t help but ask.

Recently, Hrithik was vocal about his ex-wife. Here is what
he told GQ magazine. He said “It’s a beautiful relationship. With our kids,
with us as friends, it’s all about wisdom. One thing is for sure: Love can’t
turn into hate. If it’s hate, it wasn’t love. The flipside of love… Is also
love. Once you understand that, you’ll keep finding ways back into love.”

Beautiful, that was! Almost a Disney-princess-movie level
quote! No wonder the couple is still going strong after these many years of

Meanwhile, Hrithik Roshan is gearing up for his big release Super 30 which is slated for 12 July 2019. Roshan is playing the Bihar mathematician Anand Kumar who helps gifted students get into IIT. Hopes are really high for this one. However, this also means mounting pressure on Roshan scion.  But he also has his well-wisher Sussanne’s blessing with him. So, all good!

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