Trends, social media (and sadly Bigg Boss), this is the age we live in. And when something goes viral there, it’s gotta have some importance, right? Well, not so much, if we consider the case of the fake wedding card of Alia and Ranbir that went wildly viral. The thing caught fire faster than a wood log sprinkled heavily with oil. We get it, this power couple is officially together for a while now and Ranbir has even asked Alia’s hand for marriage from her father! So, this is just inevitable news that is going to hit headlines sooner or later. But today is not that day.

The fake news was soon discarded. For starters, the wedding invitation is rife with errors. Let’s start with Alia’s daddy’s name which is wrong! Since when has she switched her father from Mahesh Bhatt to Mukesh Bhatt? And I don’t think the bride would let her own name to be spelled wrong to be written Aliya? And lastly grammar! What is even 22th?

Fake poster, you didn’t think it through, did you?

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