So Game of Thrones has won, but not in a big way. For a show that broke the record of being nominated the most for Emmys ever didn’t’ make splashes. I mean it only won 12 out of 32 awards it was nominated for!

See all the awards it was nominated for!

So What’s GOT Won?

It won Outstanding Drama Series for Season 8 (yes season 8) and Peter Dinklage got Supporting Actor – Drama Series Emmy. While Dinklage win is welcoming, people were completely pissed that GOT got an award for a lazy work of season 8. The backlash the season received was just a hint. Check out some reactions of people hearing GOT won an award. (Psst Some were even low-key happy that it got looked over on whopping 30 other categories it was considered for. That’s what happens when you don’t give fans an ending they deserved. GOT makers, you had it coming!)

People Were Sad Too That GOT Women Didn’t Go Home with an Emmy

GOT had a very strong women presence, especially in later seasons. I mean can you imagine it without Khaleesi, Cersei, Sansa or even Arya? The show was built around them only as the real fight for the thrones began. Their snub is real and fans felt real bad. The biggest shout out was for people-favorite Emilia Clarke, of course. Not giving her an Emmy is, well, not right at all in any book! See it for yourself.

There Were Some Who Laughed As Well

…At the expense of GOT. LOL

BTW how do you feel about this last journey of GOT? Say it all in the comment section below. We understand you’ve been holding it for so long now. Let it all out now. It’s okay.

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