This piece will be a first-person narration and I hope that I will able to make my points clear to all the readers.

I saw the match in the stadium, despite all the deadly pollution in the air, Arun Jetly stadium was almost full and the cricket-loving nation of ours was cheering hard for the men in blue. Skipper Virat Kohli is on rest for this series and we were missing key players like Jasprit Bumrah, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja and Kuldeep Yadav.

But we did have some upcoming talents like Washington Sundar, Deepak Chahar and Khaleel Ahmed trying to prove their worth.

First of all, it was overwhelming to see Rishabh Pant practising right in front of me after spending approximately three months of criticising him for his bad form. I realised one thing, it is very easy for me to sit here and type a few words while he stands in the middle of the ground with thousands of people hurling abuses at him. Yes, you heard me right. The moment he failed to perform good people started screaming DHONI DHONI at the top of there voice.

Now just wonder, you are hardly 22 and you are wearing a jersey that represents your nation and you are constantly being compared to your ideal. Even Dhoni didn’t what he is now in just a day.

The group of people sitting just behind me screamed at each player who came near the nets next to our seats with utmost disrespect that I could have imagined. To be honest I don’t know how do these players manage to play in the midst of all these distractions. There seemed to be an invisible pressure there, a pressure that I had never felt while sitting at home and watching the match on TV. Now just imagine what these players go through.

Washington Sundar who is barely 20, was being called out as if he was just the guy next door. People seemed to have no respect for the players. Hurling curses at them when they failed to perform, which is absolutely normal as it is a part of the game.

But surprisingly each one of the players replied to our hellos and call-outs with smiles and waves cause in the end they know how much the country loves them.

They too are humans and now that it is clear to me how much pressure they face I would like to request each and everyone who goes to see the match in the stadium, that please maintain some courtesy, they are representing the country and deserve a much better behaviour than what we give them when they do not give out desires results.

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