Indian coach Ravi Shastri has made some comments about former Indian skipper MS Dhoni. He said that Dhoni might soon end his ODI career.

ravi shastri

Shastri said “I have had a conversation with MS and that is between us. He has finished his test career, he may soon end his ODI career. In all probability, he will finish one-day cricket.”

“People must respect that he has played non-stop in all formats of the game for a while”

As told to CNN

Shastri also said that Dhoni will play the IPL and see how his body reacts to it. A lot of speculations have been made about Dhoni’s future in the game and recently Dhoni did say that this question should be avoided till the next year at least.

Dhoni has been one of the most respected players Indian cricket has ever seen and surely, his departure from the game won’t be taken that well by the fans. But at the same time, every player has to retire someday or other.

Let us wait for an official statement from the former skipper.

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