Yep, she’s the chosen one. After the period roles she’s played beautifully – Mastani and Padmavati – this role is for her and her only. Talking about this great opportunity that has landed right in her lap, she said:

I’m absolutely thrilled and honored to be essaying the role of Draupadi. I truly believe that it is the role of a lifetime. While the Mahabharat is popularly known for its mythological tales and cultural influence, many of life’s lessons are also derived from the Mahabharat but most often from its men. Telling it with this fresh and new perspective will not only be interesting but also very significant.

One of the film’s producers Madhu Mantena talked about the film and also praised Deepika whole-heartedly. He said:

While we have all consumed the Mahabharat all our lives, the uniqueness of our film is seeing the same story from the point of view of Draupadi, who is one of the most significant heroines in our country’s cultural history. And Deepika is not just the biggest Indian actress today, but someone who can take this narrative across borders. If it weren’t with her, we would not be making this film on such an ambitious scale.

TBH we need a retelling of all stories from a woman’s perspective. Who’s with me?

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