Mental health is something not to be messed with. And the subject is not to be even touched when you have nothing supportive to say regarding it. And this is what exactly Deepika Padukone told us through her latest comment and we are super proud of it.

Deepika came out with her issue roughly four years ago about depression. And ever since she has been fighting the fight and creating more awareness about the subject. She is very vocal about her ‘struggle’ and thinks shoving the mental health troubles under the rug is a big no-no. She even built a foundation Live Love Laugh that helps people struggling with mental illness. Deepz won the battle against depression some time ago but the battle against ignorance about depression is going to be a longer one.

Recently, Salman Khan made a very cruel comment on the grave matter of depression. When asked about depression, Khan said he didn’t have the luxury to be depressed. Oh God!

Deepika wasted no time in countering that, saying, “The word that best describes my experience of depression is struggle. Every second was a struggle. I felt exhausted the whole time. People confuse it with being a bit sad. A male star said recently that he didn’t have the luxury to be depressed. As if depression is a choice!” Well said, Deepz.

To those of you who don’t know, it was her mother Ujjala Padukone who first recognised her symptoms and advised her to get some help. Moreover, she wouldn’t think in a million years that she did anything wrong in going public with her mental issues. She clarified, “I felt such relief afterwards. It was liberating, like a crushing weight had been lifted off me. I’d do it all over again. Also, it made me more aware of myself.” Attagirl!

Deepika’s current projects are Chhapaak, slated to release in January 2020, and the move 83 where she would be seen with hubby Ranveer Singh.

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