Who would you be if you are married to a totally whimsical character, one who is the ultimate bastion of fashion disasters, and the one who just can’t rest his PDA game on Insta? Well, you’d be the butt of jokes and of course, Deepika Padukone!

Deepika has seen it all – the snide remarks, the straight-up cruel jokes, and totally uncalled for comments. If she tries a rather eccentric outfit, people say “OMG what kind of fashion sense is that? Ranveer ka asar ho gaya.” If she stops an overly nosy journo through a snarky lil’ comment, “Aaja baith ja (in her car)”, Twitterati breaks into ‘Deepika is under influence…of Ranveer’. And if she dares to act a bit zanier, people say, yep you guessed it right, “Ranveer ka asar ho gaya”.

Well, it’s surely not easy being the other half of a person who’s quite a character. But Deepz manages it quite well. Recently, she was at a talk show and was shown some hilarious takes of people on their relationship. First, she was shown a picture of the duo. One picture was captioned ‘The results we expect after exams’ and that was Deepika. The other was juxtaposed Ranveer Singh, sitting in his baby pink coloured suit, titled, ‘The reality’. Woah, pretty mean. But if you know Deepika, she takes it all in stride and shrugs off everything with her sweet pretty smile.

But when the next thing was shown to her, Deepz decided to stand up for her adorbs hubby…well, kind of. One user wrote, “Ranveer probably Deepika Ki Maang mein Ching’s Chutney bharega, sindoor nahi.” And Deepika came up with a very humorous reply to this Ranveer-roast-fest. To the tweet she responded, “This is totally possible, knowing how obsessed I am with anything that is spicy, being the true South Indian that I am. It is possible, knowing my love for spice.”
Through this utterance, Deepz just lowkey told the Internet that Baba is a good husband, he knows what his wife wants, STOP PICKING ON HIM. And all the while being perfectly poised and pleasant – super neat.

There are some things (and husbands) in the world which only Deepika knows how to handle best! Don’t you think?

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