Apparently, the world is more eager for a baby from Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh than their next film. Because let’s look at it, the Internet jumps to a conclusion that she is pregnant for every chance it gets. Deepika seems with a bulge in the belly, pregnant; she did not smoke or drink at that party, must be pregnant; she looks a bit tired at the airport, is that morning sickness? Ha! She’s pregnant. This speculative drama just never ends! And people recently yet again got another chance to doubt if there’s a baby on the way, but this time they might be right.

Ranveer Singh recently held a chat session on Instagram (now removed) and everything was going on normal until Deepika replied. It was not something like ‘Hey baby’ or ‘I miss you my sun and moon, my blood of blood’. That would have gone entirely okay with people, really.

But instead of regular cheesy stuff, she said this: “Hi Daddie”.

But that’s not all. She also posted a baby emoji with it! Now if the Internet won’t get into a tailspin for this, what would it for then? Many jumped on the firm conclusion that she’s definitely preggos. Moreover, what more fuelled it was Arjun Kapoor’s comment: “Baba Bhabi is gonna give you one”. Woah! Now that was just the green light Twitter was waiting for to believe in rumours.

BUT, and it’s a big one, nothing at all is out there yet and all of this could be seen in a different light altogether which would just make it another crazy conversation between Bollywood. We actually have to wait for the ‘set in stone’ confirmation from the couple. Up till then, it’ll stay like a juicy gossip which it all is, at this point of time. So let’s just wait, people. We might some morning read a definitive statement from the celebs themselves. And it’ll be all we need.

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