So, we all wasted away our tears without any reason as Chris Gayle announced that he has no plans to retire as of now and he will keep on playing international cricket.

The 39 year old Batsman hit 72 runs in 41 balls in the last one-day international match against India in the 3 match ODI series which India won by 2-0.

The way he exited the crease indicated that he might be signing off but this wasn’t the case. Gayle has been known to be a little dramatic and maybe that was also just an act to commemorate the fact that there is still some game left in him as he has had a rough patch in recent times.

chris gaye retires

Gayle is known for his inconsistency. An excellent batsman but too damn unpredictable with his game. He is 39 and of course, the West Indies cricket requires some new blood that could raise the level of cricket for the team.

Well, let’s agree that we all were hoodwinked by Gayle in the last match. I even ended up writing him a farewell piece. You can check that piece here:

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