Tamasha is not just a film. It is an emotion for a lot of people. The movie takes you to a ride of a different kind. Tamasha wasn’t just Ved and Tara’s journey, it was a journey that we all have had or are still going through.

Ved Sahni, a person who had lived his entire life according to others. The man comes out as his original self when he meets Tara Maheshwari on a trip to Costa Rica. Both of them express themselves freely in front of each other. They feel a different sort of relaxation which they had never felt earlier. When they say goodbye to each other, Tara discovers that she is a completely different person and it is Ved who brings out the best in her.

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This dialogue expresses Tara’s emotions perfectly. But it hits her badly when she gets to see the person Ved is forced to be in front of the world. Tara confronts Ved about this and Ved is taken aback. He knows what Tara is saying is true but is not brave enough to accept the reality. Post-separation from Tara, Ved realises the fact that he has to come out as his original self or he won’t be able to lead a content and happy life.

Ved leaves his job and explores himself and leaves for his home town to convince his parents of who he really is.

Ved has been shoved into a profession which he never chose for himself. And the way he fights for himself after meeting Tara is a story that people liked a lot because somewhere they knew that it was their own story. Tamasha is an amalgam of many things, an amazing storyline is just one of them.

The movie has one of the best music album industry has ever seen and is one of the finest works of A.R. Rahman. All the songs perfectly resonate with the context of the story. Nothing is forcefully added just for the sake of it. Chali Khanai is the most underrated song of the album.

At last but not least, Ranbir Kapoor did what he does the best, he acted the way no one could. Never for a second, the audience can differentiate between him and Ved. He was totally in Ved’s skin on screen. Deepika Padukone too was a very realistic Tara. The song, Tum Saath Ho which features her heartbroken, depicts Tara’s character showcases some of the finest acting from the actress.

Tamasha indeed is director Imtiaz Ali at his finest. It is sad, that the film did not do well at the box office but is considered a cult film.

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