Aus vs Pak: Yasir Shah had his day

Australia had set a target of 589 runs for Pakistan. Pak had a bad start with their first innings but Babar Azam and Yasir Shah lead the team to 302/10. Azam scored 97 runs at a strike rate of 73.48 hitting 11 fours while Shah scored 113 runs at a strike rate of 53.05 hitting 13 fours.

Mitchell Starc took 6 wickets ceding 66 runs and Pat Cummins took 3 with an economy of 3.66.

Australia called for a follow on and Pak now stands at 30-3 in 16.5 overs.

Hazlewood took 2 wickets and Starc took one. Pakistan is at a trail by 248 runs.

India vs Bangladesh or Players vs Pollution

India vs Bangladesh or Players vs Pollution

Schools are to be closed for a few days in Delhi-NCR and people are avoiding unnecessary travel. You can feel the burning air in your throat and team India and Bangladesh are supposed to play a T-20 match.

” The BCCI president called the team to check on its well being. Sourav Ganguly had a discussion with stand-in skipper Rohit Sharma on how the team is coping up with the situation. Indian captain has confirmed that the team was fine and had a full outdoor training session without any issue,” a BCCI source told PTI on conditions of anonymity.

“DDCA has been advised to wash the trees inside the (Kotla) stadium so that the dust doesn’t flow. DDCA was also asked to survey the area of about two kilometres around the stadium and if any polluting items such as construction material, burning garbage etc is found, it is to be reported to CPCB. They will ensure immediate action,”

Well, we hope that pollution causes no damage to the players and spectators and pollution levels come down.

India vs South Africa, day-2: Mayank Agarwal roars loud

India vs South Africa, day-2: Mayank Agarwal roars loud

The first day of the first test match between India and South Africa had ended up on a very good note for the Indian cricket team with Rohit Sharma and Mayank Agarwal at the crease. India stood at 202 for no loss with Sharma having hit a century and Agarwal standing in strong at 84*.

The second day turned out to be even more eventful. People who had been questioning Hitman Rohit Sharma’s capabilities as an opener in the red-ball cricket have been shut up by his beautiful 176 run knock in 244 balls. Sharma’s knock included 23 fours and 6 sixes.

But the highlight of the day was Mayank Agarwal. Agarwal scored his maiden ton as well as he converted his maiden ton into his maiden double hundred.

Agarwal hit 215 in 371 balls at a strike rate of 57.95. India declared there innings at 502/7 in 136 overs. It was a massive total thanks to Agarwal’s double ton and Rohit’s 150.

The second day ended with South Africa struggling to play stably. The score card for South Africa is at 39/3 in 20 overs with two wickets in Ashwin’s kitty and one in Jadeja’s.

Captain Kohli does it all

Captain Kohli does it all

The Indian skipper Virat Kohli has been going in a very great form and he didn’t disappoint us yesterday. Kohli played a 72* run knock in 52 balls and maintained a 68 run partnership with Shikhar Dhawan.

Kohli had a pretty successful T-20 series while in West Indies as well. Now he has surpassed hitman Rohit Sharma’s record of hitting 21 half-centuries in T-20 cricket. Kohli has 22 half-centuries in his kitty now which is the highest number of half-centuries hit in international T-20 cricket.

Kohli also took a game-changing catch of Quinton de Kock when de Kock was playing in a very good form and South Africa looked towards a big total.

The most number of runs in T-20 cricket as now of now:

2440 Virat Kohli *
2434 Rohit Sharma
2283 Martin Guptill
2263 Shoaib Malik
2140 Brendon McCullum

Kohli is number one T-20 as well as one-day batsman in the world currently and is on the second spot in Test cricket with Steve Smith leading that chart.

King Kohli is definitely looking towards a win in the home series as the T-20 world cup of year 2020 is approaching fast. The team is also going through some internal issues which needs captain’s attention and of course, the issue of the batsman number four.

India battles Afghanistan- ICCWC-2019

India battles Afghanistan- ICCWC-2019

It was an unexpectedly tough battle for India and hat’s off to Afghanistan who fought it with extra ordinary resilience. Men in blue never thought that Afghani team could give them such a tough competition. The Indian batting line up fell down like a house of cards. The Afghanistan bowlers did a commendable job at it. The Southampton ground is considered to be a bowling pitch and has always been a difficult ground for the batsmen.

Rohit Sharma got out at just 1 run in 10 balls while K.L.Rahul walked back home at 30(53). India had their hopes on Virat Kohli who scored 67 runs in 63 balls with a massive strike rate of 106.34. Kohli seemed to be the only batsman who had his wrists open in that field. Kohli’s dismissal by the hands of Mohammad Nabi was a big blow to the Indian side. While Vijay Shankar, Dhoni and Hardik Pandya failed to establish themselves, Kedar Jadhav scored 52 out of 68 balls.

This was Kohli’s 3rd half century in the row

The Afghanistan’s bowlers managed to limit the Indian side at a mere total of 224/8. The bowlers ought to be appreciated today. Majeeb Ur Rahman ceded just 26 runs in his 10 over spell taking 1 big wicket of Rohit Sharma with an amazing economy rate of just 2.6. Mohammad Nabi and Gulbadin Naib both took 2 wickets each and gave 33 and 51 runs in 9 overs respectively. Rashid Khan’s 10 over spell in which he took 1 wicket and gave away 38 runs was also important. Over all the Afghanistan bowler’s did an amazing job against the team which is known for their concrete like batting line up.

The innings saw the Afghanistan team give a commendable fight to Indian bowlers. The pressure was evenly distributed through out the innings on both the teams and this match could have been Afghanistan’s first match point. If it weren’t for Mohammad Shami and Jasprit Bumrah’s brilliant death over bowling, the result could have been different. Mohammad Nabi who scored 52(55) was sent back to pavilion at Shami’s hands.

source- ICC

Shami took 4 wickets in 9.5 overs giving just 40 runs, out of which the last 3 wickets were taken in the last over. Shami is now 9th bowler in the world to make a hat-trick in world cup.

source- icc

Other than that Yuzvendra Chahal took 2 wickets in 10 overs giving 36 runs respectively. While Hardik Pandya ceded 51 runs in 10 overs with one maiden over. It was Bumrah’s 10 over spell in which he took 2 wickets and gave 39 runs with a maiden over, that flipped the match.

source- icc
Bumrah was named the player of the match!

It was a nail biting fight and India stands at number 3 in the points table with Australia at no.1 and New Zeland at no.2. India’s next match is against West Indies on 27th of June.

5 Reasons you Keep Falling for Wrong Guys

5 Reasons you Keep Falling for Wrong Guys

Love can be all sunshine and rainbows or a straight up nightmare. And that largely depends on whether you’re with the right man or not. If you’re always ending up heartbroken and disappointed in love, then there’s a problem at hand. The issue could be that you met all the wrong people in the world (unlikely!) or it could be, well, you. In any case, you wind up sitting alone with yourself, thinking “why do I keep falling for wrong men?”Thankfully, psychologists and relationship experts have come a long way in decoding the problems of love and might have the precise answer to your question. Read on to find the real reasons you’re always falling for wrong guys and thus eventually ending up with Mr Wrong every time.

1. You Fear Being Alone

Let’s be honest. Good guys are hard to come by and in-between those long dry spells, we might get hit with loneliness. The fear of being alone and even worse, ending up single forever is really something that gets to even the best of us! But that hardly gives you a pass to settle for less. Relationship experts suggest that when you despise being on your own, you’re prone to make bad choices in the matters of the heart.

2. You Don’t Want to Commit

Commitment PhobicCommitment-phobic, are you? It’s far from being a bad thing. But what’s bad is the endless pattern of hopping from one wrong guy to another, which you’d eventually end up doing because none of these men would fit the bill.

When you’re not really looking to settle down, you would easily overlook surefire deal breakers and red flags. The end result is an inevitable break up. In a journey like this of yours, you would meet many casanovas and men with commitment issues of their own. And you wouldn’t mind them because low-key this would give you an excuse to stay non-committal. Uh Oh! This one is a vicious cycle.

3. You Struggle with Self Esteem Issues

Self Esteem Issues“Woah! Look at that guy! Pretty cut. But nah! I’m not pretty/smart enough for him. He would blow me off :(” Do you often have thoughts like these when you see a guy you actually want? Your self-esteem is a blueprint of the guy you would end up with. Getting big things require dreaming big and most importantly, considering yourself worth it! You wouldn’t get the buck looking for pennies! Harsh, I know, but so true. A rule of thumb is to love yourself first before loving someone else. That can sure make lives simpler! Right?

4. You Think Bad Guy = Adventure

Craze of Bad Boys

Well, I won’t lie, there is a certain kind of magnetism about the bad guy. They are like going to an unknown adventurous journey with destination undecided. Who can resist that? Bad men can bring a lot of drama into your life. But you know in your heart it is wiser to stay on the familiar alleys and let these reckless fantasies stay where they should – imagination. You know, there are other ways of having fun too.

Well, I won’t lie, there is a certain kind of magnetism about the bad guy. They are like going to an unknown adventurous journey with destination undecided. Who can resist that? Bad men can bring a lot of drama into your life. But you know in your heart it is wiser to stay on the familiar alleys and let these reckless fantasies stay where they should – imagination. You know, there are other ways of having fun too.

5. You Love Challenges!

Do you really like that difficult boy or are you just attracted to the idea of the challenge? A challenge is fun at times, but not 24×7. Relationships are already hard work. Let’s not complicate them further. For a challenge, you can try Sudoku. They’re pretty difficult too!

So, that was all of it. Falling for wrong guys is a pattern but you can definitely break it. So, does any of the above describe you?

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