3 songs that can ease this 21-day lockdown

3 songs that can ease this 21-day lockdown

Let us all pretend how happening our daily lives were and bicker about the lockdown. As if do not spend our usual days scrolling on Instagram for hours. But I know it ain’t easy. But it is necessary for preventing the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Here’s a list of 3 songs that will ease it up for you

  • Bohemian Rhapsody: Honestly, some people think it is overrated. They might be right too but who cares? It is an amazing song and the best part of the song is that it makes sense only if you want it to make sense or you can always listen to it and enjoy the senselessness of it. Queen’s iconic track can kindle the melodramatic star in you can jump and act along to it. Tik-tok mat batana kasam se ispe nai to ghar aake maarugi.
  • Highway to hell: This track is an instant adrenaline producer. Every time I listen to this, I imagine myself in a Swift Dezire (zaada mehngi gaadi sochi nai jaa rhi) driving on a highway. The track will instantly gratify your inner desire to look cool (subtle sarcasm smjhh ) and of course, you will be sharing it on your stupid Instagram profile too (Nahi to logo ko pata kaisey chalega ki tum convent school mein padhey ho).
  • Another brick in the wall: This song is about some students singing how they want the teacher to leave them alone (jaisey teacher bada unke saath sar maarne mein interested hai) and how they are not just another brick in the wall. Dekha jaaye to sach hi hai eentein kaam aati hain building banane ke aur tum kitna hi kaam karte ho vo tumhe khud pata to gaao gaao ‘ we don’t need no education’ pad raha haina bina education ke 21 din ghar.

Now go fill in your Instagram stories with all this cause show off kare bina to tumne rehna nai hai.

Coronavirus Pandemic: The 21-day lockdown list

Coronavirus Pandemic: The 21-day lockdown list

21 Din mein Corona gayab! Honourable Prime minister Narendra Modi has declared that the country will observe a 21-day lockdown in order to control the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

What to do?


You can do all this in the next 21 days:

  • Watch Hera Pheri, part 1 and 2: Hera Pheri series is the best time pass. Also in these times of crisis, you can revisit the classic comedy film and forget about the situation for some time. (Tup Tap ghal pe leneka)
  • Watch Deathnote- Anime: The Daethnote anime is one of the best animes ever and it is so well written that it will transport you to the story. It is about a 17-year olf brilliant student who happens to find a notebook which can kill the people whose names are written in it. The series takes you through the journey of Light Yagami and his life as the supreme killer- KIRA. (Kira bhi ghar baith ke criminals maarta tha, copy mein naam likh ke bahar nai jaata tha, be like Kira.)
  • Read Harry Potter for the 100th time: If you are a Potterhead like me then you will probably revisit the book series and if you haven’t read the series then please do. Now is the right time to do so. Hogwarts will be a perfect escape from the chaos of real life. Go hang out with Harry Ron and Hermione.
  • Read in General: This time can be consumed by reading in general. All those who complained that they lack time to read now is the time you can actually get to some quality reading. Let us all become bibliophile. (Mast kitabo ki photos kheench ke Instagram pe daalo meri tarah)
  • Become best friends with your parents: This is the time when you can actually be friends with your parents. No office, no college, no school and a lot of family drama. (Tujhey sab hai pata haina maaaaaa).

These are not the only friends you are supposed to know:


Also, rewatch Friends.


Coronavirus Pandemic: Watch this show on Netflix while you practice social distancing

Coronavirus Pandemic: Watch this show on Netflix while you practice social distancing

Novel Coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

What exactly is a pandemic?

Pandemic is basically an epidemic that spreads throughout the world while an epidemic is an outbreak of a disease that attacks many people at the same time. It is evident that the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread like a fire throughout the world. It started off in China and the situation seems to be severe in Italy. India has also seen a few cases in past one week and many offices have declared work from home while schools and colleges have been shut down for a few days.

Watch ‘I am not okay with this’ on Netflix while you are at home

I watched this show a couple of weeks ago and it is damn good. Just eight episodes, each one being 20-22 minutes long, this series will be a perfect getaway from boredom.

First of all, it doesn’t take much time to build up. The script is pretty much fast-paced and you hardly wait for things to happen. At the same time the story makes you keep on trying to predict what will happen but mind well, it is very difficult to predict.

It is not one of the stupid over-hyped teenage romantic comedies. The show has a superhero element and at the same time deals with mental health issues. The show comes from the makers of ‘The stranger Things’, so you can already contemplate how exciting this show could be. If you haven’t watched ‘The stranger Things’, then you can add it to the list too.

The protagonist Syndey has recently lost her father and she is angry. She is super angry. She is super-duper angry. So damn angry that she becomes a superhero!

One another reason to watch the show is ‘Stanley Barber’. Stan is one of the most adorable characters ever and is sort of munchkin of the entire show. Stan is constant support for Sydney and the coolest friend ever.

You won’t ever regret watching the show. This is the trailer:

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to make a comeback: The cast will reunite for a special episode

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to make a comeback: The cast will reunite for a special episode

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is considered as one of the most iconic TV series of all time. The show started in 1994 and has 10 seasons. The show ended back in 2004 but is still popular among the masses. It is being telecasted on different platforms even after 15 years.

Fans all around the world have wanted a comeback of the show. The cast of the show is still very popular and is recognised as their characters from the show. Yesterday, Mathew Perry, who played the iconic character of Chandler Bing on the show posted this on Instagram. Perry has been on Instagram for a few days only but gained millions of followers quickly.

Perry Posted this and fans can’t contain their joy. It is said that the episode might be an unscripted one or just a reunion of the cast, discussing the course of ten years during which they featured on the show. Nature of the special episode is not yet clear. But fans are excited none the less.

Jennifer Aniston, who played the character of Rachel Green, too shared the same post on Instagram:

We hope that HBO has something great in store for us. Can’t wait to meet Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe again.

Ad Astra Movie Review: Emotional, Thrilling, and an Absolute Entertainer

Ad Astra Movie Review: Emotional, Thrilling, and an Absolute Entertainer

Starring: Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Liv Tyler, Donald Sutherland
Directed by: James Gray
Run Time: 2 hours 4 minutes


What would you do when you start to get hopes that your long-last father might still be alive, waiting for rescue? You dive headfirst into this mission of finding him, of course. And with Brad (Roy McBride) being an astronaut, his mission is to search for his dad in the dark abyss of deep space, far to the point of planet Neptune. Roy’s father was a legendary astronaut who once went on a space mission but never returned back. What happened to him is a mystery which has played a resounding effect on Roy’s psyche. He is cold, pessimistic, focused on the outside but inside, it’s whole another story. He’s melancholic, lamenting, yearning, and has all the emotions of a normal human being who is scarred. What lies in space and what would he find on the ‘other side’ will keep you absorbed.


First of all, let’s talk about Brad. He’s fit into the mold of the role effortlessly. And oh, he looks very gorgeous. The movie has written all Brad Pitt over it. There’s not much done with other characters of the film, say Liv Tyler (playing Roy’s wife) for example, or Ruth Negga whose role is quite interesting and make you want to ask more of her. But the character of Brad is extremely captivating and complex that you’ll forget about parallel characters quicker than you can say, well, sidekicks. So no complaints there. About the cinematography, it’s brilliant. And after seeing Gravity and other space films, we don’t expect any less either. If we’re not getting bowled over with the space adventures of a space film, it’s not made right anyway! With flawless visual effects, this one ensures you gape at least once in its runtime. Some shots used in the movie are the actual photos of the moon’s surface. As real as it gets!

Lastly, the film has a fair share of surprise elements, things you haven’t seen in other space movies so far. It’s an original!

So Should You Go Watch This Movie?

Yes, if you don’t mind some ingenious, new, enthralling fun.

Rating: 4.5/5

Dylan Farrow Slams Scarlett Johansson for Supporting Woody Allen

Dylan Farrow Slams Scarlett Johansson for Supporting Woody Allen

Times have been tough for Woody Allen. I mean when your adopted daughter accuses you of sexual assault during her childhood days, it’s not a pretty scene at all. And Scarlett Johansson ran into troubled waters herself by supporting Allen. For her, the Manhattan director just couldn’t do such heinous acts. Scarlett released a statement earlier:

I believe him, and I would work with him anytime. I have been very direct with him, and he’s very direct with me. He maintains his innocence, and I believe him.

Scarlett and Woody go a long way back and share a definite rapport. The duo has worked together in not one, not two but three films together – Match Point, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and Scoop. So, we get where Scarlett is coming from but the Internet stands against Scarlett on the matter. Check out some tweets:

And, now the adopted daughter of Woody too has slammed Johansson for her stand. She has said:

Because if we’ve learned anything from the past two years it’s that you definitely should believe male predators who ‘maintain their innocence’ without question. Scarlett has a long way to go in understanding the issue she claims to champion.

Well, we hope the truth surfaces soon and whoever is guilty, even if it’s such a renowned name in film-making, may get the punishment they deserve.

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