India has already won the first four matches in the five matched T20 series against New Zealand. There hasn’t been a single team which has ever won a T20 series by 5-0.

If India manages to win the next match too, they will set a new world record. India’s morale is already high. The team has worked well on how not to miss a single opportunity that can change the game. Most of the players are in form and New Zealand is already suffering the blow of unexpected losses.

If we talk about New Zealand’s performance in super overs, it is clear that the team doesn’t do well under pressure while India confidently took over the game despite the fact that they had never faced a super over in international cricket before.

New Zealand’s defeat in the world cup final is also a reason behind this lack of confidence. But it will be interesting to see if New Zealand can save their grace in the fifth and final T20 match of the series or India will clean sweep the series with 5-0.

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