Okay quick question. It’s just one hour until the big fat wedding, you’ve run out of choices on all your western wear, and you know those lehengas would only bring side-eyeing, and also you can’t wear that sequined tee with blue jeans either (Girl, Please). What would you do? Well in time like these only a saree can save you. The evergreen get-up is your best shot to make a mark on the evening and have the best pics to put on Instagram later on. The poise and grace of nine yards are mesmerising and it’d be highly unlikely if people wouldn’t notice you in this awesomeness. If you’ve ever gotten around wearing this magical ensemble, you know the feeling of ‘being the prettiest’ does linger around. And recently, Twitter got its own obsession with the ethnic attire. People from all walks of life – actresses to regular people to even firangs – have flooded the microblogging site with their saree pics, under the #sareetwitter hashtag, that is.

And since we’re having a couple of new saree posts almost every minute, we can’t help but wonder with our own pretty little question: ‘Who wore it best’? Let’s look at some amazing saree snaps which we think have completely nailed it and, in turn, have given us saree goals of our own. Check this out:

And this one is here solely due to the cheeky caption.

Take a cue, Instagram. Start a #sareetwitter of your own, I mean #sareeinstagram.

In case you have not uploaded your 9 yard beautiful attire yet, it’s high time you do it.

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