Sakshi Dhoni takes on to Twitter after fake news being circulated by media houses

Sakshi Dhoni takes on to Twitter after fake news being circulated by media houses

There was a rumour that surfaced about former Indian captain MS Dhoni. The rumour was that he had donated an amount of mere 1 lakh Rupees for the relief fund which provided food for poor families in the midst of this lockdown.

People started shaming the world cup winning captain and called him out by saying that his net worth is 800 crore and he has just donated 1 lakh rupees for a noble cause.

This was her tweet:

It turns out that the news was false and the cricketer was trolled unnecessarily.

These were some of the trolls:

Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has made a contribution of 50 Lakhs while BCCI has donated a whooping amount of 51 crores for the PMO fund.

Business giant Tata has donated 500 crores for the cause.

Former cricketer Joginder Sharma serves the country during these hard times

Former cricketer Joginder Sharma serves the country during these hard times

We all remember the T20 World Cup final of 2007 when India beat Pakistan by taking a wicket on the last ball. He bowled the last over and defended 13 runs and took a wicket on the last ball.

Post retiring from the game Sharma has been serving as Deputy Superintendent of Police in Haryana. His picture has been trending on Twitter. He can be seen standing with a mask and gloves on doing his duty.

During these tough times, all the people who are doing their jobs deserve respect and appreciation from the citizens. Medical and paramedical professionals along with cops, home guards and sanitary workers have been working day and night to ensure our safety from the Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19.

Joginder Sharma is one such hero!!!

You can relive the match again:

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Captain Kohli urges people to follow social distancing

Captain Kohli urges people to follow social distancing

In the midst of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, celebrities have come out on their social media accounts and have urged the people of the country to take all necessary precautions and follow the guidelines given out by the government.

Recently actor Kartik Aryan posted a video of himself giving out his trademark monologue but this time the monologue was related to the fight against Coronavirus.

Check out his video:

Indian skipper Virat Kohli too came out on social media and urged his followers to stay safe and follow the government guidelines.

“Hello, I am Virat Kohli. Today I am speaking to you not as an India player, but as a citizen of the country. What I have seen in the last few days – people moving in groups, not abiding by curfew rules, not following lockdown guidelines – it shows that we are taking the fight very lightly. But this fight is not as easy as it looks or feels,” Kohli said in the video.

“I wish to request everyone to please maintain social distancing and follow it. Also, we should follow the directives given by the government and just for once think how you would feel if due to your negligence someone in your family gets affected by the virus. Please follow the experts as they are working very hard. It will only be successful when we follow our duties rather than going out in groups and breaking rules. This for me is an act against the country’s well-being. So now, I along with all of you wish to see things improve and please follow the directives of the government. Jai Hind!,” Kohli concluded.

This is the video that he posted:

Guys, stay safe and stay inside. Tup tap ghal pe leneka.

IPL might happen when things settle down says, Rohit Sharma

IPL might happen when things settle down says, Rohit Sharma

With the declaration of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a global pandemic, many major sporting events have been postponed, cancelled and suspended. Olympics 2020 has been shifted to the summer of 2021, La Liga has been suspended and so has been NBA.

Indian cricket fans were eagerly waiting for the IPL-13 but it too has been suspended for the time being. Now that there is a 21-day lockdown in the country, nothing can be said before this period.

Indian ace opener Rohit Sharma aka Hitman said that IPL might happen once the things settle down. He said this during a live chat with former English cricketer Kevin Pietersen.

The 13th edition of IPL was supposed to start in Mumbai on the 29th of March. The first match was scheduled between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings.

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Virat Kohli &Co will be following a special work out routine

Virat Kohli &Co will be following a special work out routine

As we all know that our country India is under a 21-day lockdown due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. On the 24th of March, honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a 21-day lockdown. Necessary services like grocery stores, government hospitals and Medical stores will be open but the citizens have been told that they must consider the next 21 days as a curfew.

Major sporting events have been cancelled. Tokyo Olympics 2020 has been shifted to 2021, IPL has been suspended too and so has been La Liga and NBA.

Gyms too have been shut down, hence team India will be following a customized 21-day exercise routine to stay in shape. The current Indian team is known for its high fitness standards and strict exercise regime. Indian skipper Virat Kohli is a fitness icon for the country and he and the boys will be following a different routine.

Of course, they won’t be able to hit the gyms as they usually do. Most of the Indian players have personal gyms at their home though.

Fitness duo of Webb and Patel have customized exercise regimes for all the cricketers that are under the contract and they would have to update the duo regarding their progress.

With the IPL in the doldrums, the players will be sitting at home for a minimum one month or so. Things will get clear only after the 15th of April. ICC says that they haven’t made any changes to the World T20 schedule which is supposed to take place in September-October in Australia.

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