Has that ever happened to you that a joke you made in light vein has been incredibly offensive to somebody? Those moments have a way of creeping in our lives from time to time or is that people are just too sensitive these day? Whatever that may be, our own Arjun kapoor had to go through a similar situation lately.

If you know the Kapoor scion, the lad is all up to making funny comments on social media profiles of his friends. And his latest comic comment on the profile of Tiger Shroff got him into a lil’ trouble. Arjun commented on a pic in which Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff are sitting on ground along with their War director Siddharth Anand who is sitting on a chair. Now seeing this Arjun thought of one line that was funny, at least in his head. He commented: The Legend & 2 regular actors…

Now this apparently hurt some fans’ sentiments and they decided to give it back to Arjun in all their capacity, if not more. Here is some hate Arjun received:

@arjunkapoor and then there is this man commenting for attention.

@arjunkapoor should nt say like this.

What does it mean regular actors?

However, Tiger Shroff was all cool with it who wrote: you said it.

But fans were whole another level of crazy. What do you think? Did Arjun deserve this for a light-hearted comment? Or should he think 10 times every time he decides to post randomly?

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