When we first heard the news of brewing romance between Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora, we all took it with a grain of salt. For a long time, even Arora’s estrangement from now her ex-husband Arbaaz Khan was kept under wraps. But with a couple of months into it and also seeing loads of the couple pics from local alleys in Mumbai to the exotic destination of New York (where the couple went to celebrate Kapoor scion’s birthday), everybody has come to terms with it.

The lovebirds have never restrained themselves from showcasing PDA, getting clicked together, or even talking to media how much they are in love with and how the other one is ‘the one’ for them. And recently, Arora told the media how great and deep their bond is. She said, “It’s very difficult to find someone who understands you.” She also added that Arjun knows her inside out, makes her smile and understands her well. *AWWW* No doubt, the couple’s love is on cloud nine!

Here’s a Surprise Though!

However, according to a recent revelation by Arjun Kapoor, some fans were left a bit surprised. Apparently, the Kapoor son is in no hurry to marry the love of his life and is actually looking to explore the relationship territory further.

He told Filmfare that “I am not getting married. Malaika and I have to still discover each other in public space and enjoy the comfort of being a couple. We need to ease. We need to take our mind off this pressure of getting married. Sometimes you just need to be in a relationship. You need to live it; you need to enjoy it for what it is, rather than what it should be according to people. We are at ease with each other.”

Well, that makes total sense. Why marry when you are not ready! And seems like Ms. Arora is on board with this decision as well. So, we guess it is going to take some time before we hear wedding bells. But that’s okay, we can wait!

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