Amazon Prime came out with a new web series titled ‘Afsos’ on the 7th of February. The series is written by comedians Anirban Dasgupta and Sourav Ghosh along with Dibya Chatterjee. Directed by Anubhuti Kashyap, the series is definitely something that people have never seen before.

It deals with the sensitive topic of suicide in a quite ironic way. Humour comes out of unexpected places and the story never stops making sense to you. All the characters have been well written and there is a background story attached to all of them. Not a single character seems out of the place or extra. The twists and turns of the story are also very well placed. The narrative hits you with another twist just the moment it all starts making sense.

The way ‘Death’ is dealt with in the series makes you wonder a lot. Death is presented in a very simple manner not making a big deal out of it. This sends out a simple but important message that death is inevitable and none of us actually knows when and how it will strike us.

The background score fits in perfectly with the story on the screen. Neel Adhikari has done a great job while making the music for this show.

Talking about the cast of the show. Gulshan Devaiah steals the show, his performance is excellent and it seems as if the character of ‘Nakul’ was written just for him. Nakul’s condition is pitiable and Gulshan’s performance forces you to feel sorry for Nakul.

Anjali Patil looks natural in the role of a therapist while Heeba Shah scares the shit out of you as a deadly assassin.

I would like to appreciate Robin Das who plays ‘Fokatiya baba’, for his perfect portrayal of a confused hermit on a mission. ‘Fokatiya baba’ acts as a catalyst to the entire story.

Aakash Dahiya, who plays the honest and dutiful police inspector Bir Singh played a small but important role which helps in the further development of the story. Bir Singh is ‘the ideal guy’ when it comes to his work and radiates courage and zeal throughout.

Rest of the actors have done a great job as well. The series is perfect from all aspects. The direction is wonderful, the story never bores you, the characters are wonderfully written and portrayed. The music, dialogues, locations and background score, everything seems to perfectly fit. It is a story that makes you want to text the writers and ask them what came to their mind before writing this.

The series is a must-watch and if you are looking for something to binge-watch this weekend, then ‘Afsos’ is just the thing.

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