There is hardly any drama that has caught as much as fire as Salman Khan-Aishwarya Rai-Vivek Oberoi mess. And to say the least, it has been ugly through and through. This whole story is like 20 years old now but still has some everlasting wounds on the celebs involved and the people’s memories.

It all started with Aishwarya deciding to shun Salman Khan in all ways possible. The hot-headed Khan didn’t take that all too well and apparently started bullying Vivek (and Aishwarya too in his own sick ways) when he started dating Rai in 2000. Vivek back then even called a press conference at his home, telling journos that Salman was threatening him. However, just in 2001, we got to know that Vivek-Aishwarya is no longer a thing! That drama had run its course.

But things were raked up again recently this year during the time of Lok Sabha polls when Vivek shared this meme which according to him was creative.

But Soon Internet was slamming him for such a distasteful meme and then, succumbing under the pressure, Vivek did apologise. We got no response from the Bachchan family on the matter. Until now.

At the felicitation event for Badminton star PV Sindhu, Abhishek and Vivek were seen hugging! Now that’ something we don’t get to see every day.

This is something we’ll probably never see happening with Salman Khan. Or maybe we will. Bollywood is so unpredictable.

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