Happy Birthday, Katrina Kaif! Today, the gorgeous lass has turned 36. Yeah, we can’t believe either. It just seems like yesterday when she was doing back-to-back films with Akshay and becoming a bigger star with each passing day. Her tall stature, a touch of middle-eastern beauty, and that child-like innocence – are all still pretty intact in this gorgeous diva. Defying time and gravity, she is going on strong more than ever. And she’s a lot of upcoming interesting future projects in her kitty. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Instead, today on her special day, we’d like to take a look back. All those glorious moments, you know. So here are a few glimpses from her birth to early career to even today…

  1. She Was Born in Hong Kong

    Young Katrina Kaif
    True, Katrina Kaif is as exotic as it gets. Moreover, during her early year, she has lived across almost half of the globe – Japan, Switzerland, Poland, France, and Belgium, to name a few. She even spent full 3 years in London as well. And do you know what her passport says? Well, in all fairness, she’s a UK citizen. And this means…she lives in India on a work visa! Can you believe it? One of the biggest Bollywood celebs is here just as a ‘temp’!

  2. She Doesn’t Know Her Father

    Katrina's Family
    Katrina has admitted on so many occasions that her father Mohammad Kaif had no role at all in her upbringing. She was solely raised by her British mother, Suzanne Turquotte, who is a social worker and lawyer. Her father is a businessman of Kashmiri descent who soon moved to the US after divorcing her mother. Bummer.
    The couple has a total of 8 kids out of this marriage. Yeppers, Katrina has 7 siblings – 6 sisters and 1 brother. You must’ve heard about her younger sister Isabelle Kaif back a while as well.

  3. She Was a Wunderkid!

    Katrina Kaif Modelling
    She was definitely one step ahead when it came to modelling. And at just 14, she got her first modelling assignment. She soon moved to Hawaii and from there it began – a career full of fireworks.

  4. Her Real Name is Not Katrina Kaif

    Yes, Katrina came to India with Turquotte as her last name. But keeping in mind the Indian audience, her Boom producer Ayesha Shroff suggested her to switch to Kaif. Well, she’s a household name now, so that was some really great advice.

  5. She’s a Barbie Doll, Literally!

    Katrina As Barbie
    Katrina Kaif is one of the few celebs around the world who was chosen to have Barbie doll modelled on. Quite an honour it is being the face of the most loved doll in the world, isn’t it? By having her own Barbie avatar in 2009, she joined the league of the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn!

  6. She’s a Huge Crush on Leonardo DiCaprio

    Awww! We feel you, girl. Moreover, the Fitoor actress revealed she is also a big-time admirer of Johnny Depp. At home turf, she finds immense inspiration in Kajol and Madhuri Dixit Nene. Way to go, Kat.

  7. She’s Becoming a Director

    In case you haven’t heard, she is all set to try her hand at directing now. Katrina has been quite vocal about her new interests lately and said she would like to bring in some quirky elements in her directorial works. We just can’t wait. .

Well, she’s definitely come along a great journey. We really hope she continues to be her awesome self, keep doing the amazing work she’s been doing, and stays in Bollywood forever!

We really get wishful when it comes to her, don’t we?

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