Tom Cruise, when it comes to acting and giving out one-hundred and ten percent to the films, Cruise is at the top of his game. Today let us have a look at five movies that feature him and no one should miss.

  • Top Gun- This 1986 action packed coming of an age film is considered and Cruise’s one of the best. Maverick Mitchell, a top notch pilot who goes through the ups and downs of being a pilot in the U.S navy. He gets selected for the Top Gun course which is just for the best pilots out there and loses his best friend and co-pilot. The loss does shake him up but the way he comes back is a story worth watching.
  • Jerry Maguire- This 1996 film got Cruise an Oscar nomination for the best actor-male and won Cuba Gooding Jr. the Oscar for the best supporting actor-male. A sports agent’s decision to leave his high paying job and do something on his own with the support of his junior at office and just a single player supporting him is a treat to watch. Cruise’s acting was class apart. It is one of my all time favourite movies.
  • Days of thunder- Directed by Tony Scott, Days of thunder is a sports-action drama that came out in 1990. A young race-car driver who gets recruited by a big brand gets badly hurt in an accident, his struggles during the recovery and post it are very beautifully showcased in this film.
  • Vanilla Sky- It is a difficult to digest film. Cruise is seen with Penelope Cruz and Came in this science-fiction psychological thriller. It is an English adaption of open your eyes which was a 1997 Spanish film. It is about the concept of lucid dreaming in the near future. You have to watch it yourself before coming to any conclusion.
  • A few good men– Last but not the least my favourite one in the list. An epic courtroom-drama that got Jack Nicholson an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor is a thrilling experience to watch. The way Tom Cruise as Daniel Kaffee fights the case of two wrongly held men applause-worthy. The last scene will definitely give you goosebumps. I would not give you any further spoilers, just go and watch this film.

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