Move over Snapchat and Instagram filters. It is the FaceApp that is ruling the Internet at the moment. This cool app lets you see yourself in a completely different avatar. Whether you want to see how you would look in red hair, in swapped genders or with flawless makeup, you can explore anything and everything in here. However, it is the future feature that has grabbed the attention of the Twitterati. The feature shows you how you would look in old-age. It’s pretty dope with a very real feel. And it didn’t take long before people started experimenting with celebs, hot people, and even old folks. Check this amazing sauce here.

The ultimate future of us all!

Finally, he can be a spitting image if his father! 😀

So this is how pop culture would go down?

A way too much into the future!

I’m cool with it all, except for Shawn Mendes. They just made me lose my crush on him!

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